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Yesterday I had the pleasure of presenting my favourite sessions at #peakphysed conference at the MCG.

Gamification to me is huge. I was a child gamer and loved every minute of it. As an adult I reflect back and the trial and errors that occurred when trying to pass a level of win a game lead to some massive melt downs but it helped me push the boundary as bit by bit I was able to breakdown the game. One vivid memory was playing a 1980s Commodore 64 version of Ghostbusters and I had successfully navigated my way through the entire game and was left facing the Marshmallow Man at the end. He was moving side to side and all I had to do was step under his legs in order to scale the building and blow up the Marshmallow man as well as the Terror Dogs. The game was programmed to ensure that I had to at least do this 20 times before succeeding.

What it taught be though as that persistence and failure was best friends. Learning how to fail made me more successful.

I started 2018 teaching at Leopold PS and my opening address to my senior students was that during PE this year YOU WILL FAIL…. But together we will pick up the pieces and navigate you to a higher platform and launching pad.

Gamification is my methodology in PE. Pushing students to find the best way to beat the current level they are on and recognising that they can move themselves to a different platform when achieving the previous level. I have started creating scenarios within games which are road blocks from the normal pathway. For example in a striking and fielding game as a batter: Going out without hitting a ball. A student might find this negative in experience but the idea makes them think about what they need to do in order to pass that level. They have to ensure that the bowler or pitcher has the skill in order to be able to get them out. They have to predict where to stand in order to give the bowler a better view of the wicket or even try to predict where the ball will go after leaving the bowlers hand to ensure they do not touch it. This experiences then reflects that the child is starting to “Read the Play”. The outcome gets achieved and the child ticks off this component on their personal game card. “One step closer to levelling up”

Inspiration for content came from reading seperate books written by Shane Pill and Ray Breed- Both Game Sense Gurus from the land down under

Creating an addictive culture where differentiated practise is all around as is essential. Gamification is ‘NOT SOMETHING ELSE’ it is a method or a tool to use within your FMS structure or GAME SENSE structure or your SPORT ED structure or even your HEALTH ED structure.

We as adults are successful if we apply what we know but place ourselves inside the mindset of the child we are teaching. Seeing PhysEd through their lenses is essential in really connecting with the heart and soul of what we love and do.

Check out some of these awesome resources I have created on Gamification. They are slowly building and take lots of time to create but are so rewarding…..

Check out my webpage:…

Here you will find so many Gamification Downloads that you can use in your class. 

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