2018- Here I am!!

Dear 2018,

My name is Andy Hair. I hope you are ready as I am coming to get you and help you become one of the greatest years we know. You see its not that your brothers and sisters of 2015, 2016 and 2017 weren’t bad but it is just that I have a new set of equipment to work with and new neighbours to play with all the fresh ideas. I know that you will agree.

This year I will be returning to the outstanding Physical Education facilities of Leopold PS where I spent 15 beautiful years creating the foundation of outstanding PE fundamentals that saw the program receive international applause from many educators across the globe. I can also let you in on a secret before the children hear this secret. In 2018 I have a theme that will encompass everything I do in Physical Education:


I value this concept greater than the activities that will involve the children. You see its simple without risk change will not occur. Every one of the 810 children at Leopold will define in every experience what their personal risk level is and I will encourage them to all step over this line. Growth is the key factor in success and personalisation of experiences is the key to making a difference in children aspiring to greatness and dreaming they can be anything they want. I expect children to be uncomfortable, anxious, and worried about their performance while in PE. This means they are on the edge looking over and not sure what the outcome will be. This is the GROWTH POINT ledge we are wanting to achieve.

Throughout the year keep an eye on this blog and what transpires in Leopold Physical Education. It is sure to change your mindset as an educator. I am currently torn between a few drivers of knowledge in order to get children taking risks. This include:

  • Choose your own adventure
  • Dressing up PE- Head, Arms, Torso & Legs
  • Gamification

One thing is for sure the children at Leopold PS are in for an amazing year of learning. I recently was involved in a podcast from Ryan Ellis- The PE Umbrella– and I spoke about how I viewed myself as a PE teacher. I mentioned to Ryan that I have children buying a ticket to PE like they are going to a theme park or magic show. They expect to be involved in the unexpected and also navigate their way through the park at a level they enjoy. (keeping in mind all the time that I am going to ask them to take a risk).

Looking forward to sharing the journey 2018. You are going to be amazing!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “2018- Here I am!!

  • January 7, 2018 at 2:59 pm

    Excited to see this adventure take place. Thank you for pushing me as an educator to change.

    • January 7, 2018 at 10:10 pm

      Thank you for reading.Change is paramount in our industry as we are building leaders of the future. I believe that we have to teach children as if we were already 10 years into the future. They are not part of our childhood classrooms where we draw our memories. We are part of their future careers where we have to build memories that help make a difference in their careers.

      Be sure to keep reading throughout the year Rhonda and thanks for being the first to make a comment on my new blogs.


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